Randy Kerkstra

Randy Kerkstra spent the first 14 years of his career as a mold maker/designer. He then spent 15 years as production tooling manager for a large injection molder, hand on and managing the tool rooms that performed 8,000 + PM’s and mold repairs per year. He also was heavily involved with mold design, launching new tooling, reducing scrap rates, and improving process windows.

This experience includes tools from all over the world, gas assist, 2-shot molding, stack molds, running a wide range of materials. His passion has been on producing the most robust process window possible with a focus on the mold.

Randy has been a contributor to Plastics Technology, Mold Making Technology, spoke at NPE, Molding Conference and AmeriMold. He has also worked with NanoPlas and developing the cleaner Zapox.

Randy also have extensive experience with Polyurethane foam molding and has patented products for this industry.

Randy has partnered with Steve Brammer with KB Molding Solutions to assist the industry with training in Processing, Tooling, troubleshooting methodology and consulting.

Steve Brammer

Steve Brammer is a Plastics Engineer with a background in molding for a variety of companies.  He has worked in injection molding for furniture, consumer products, automotive, and appliance industries.  He has worked as a molding operator, process technician, process engineer, manufacturing engineer, as well as an engineering manager.  Steve has also worked with a wide variety of secondary operations including decorating and assembly.

Steve has years of experience working with a wide range of materials and machines ranging from 33 to 4400 tons.  He has also worked in diverse applications including multishot molding, insert molding (including modular windows), gas assist, molding for paint and plate, foam molding and high glass as well as long glass applications.

Steve has extensive experience in in-mold instrumentation.  He has spent much of his career solving molding problems in production environments.

Steve’s formal education is a BS degree in Plastics Engineering Technology from Ferris State University.  He has continued to enhance his education through the school of hard knocks, extensive reading and research as well as attending a wide variety of training.

Steve has extensive background in technical training and is an adjunct instructor for Grand Rapids Community College teaching injection molding and manufacturing classes.  He has a passion for helping molders gain a deeper understanding of the injection molding process.  Steve started KB Molding Solutions with Randy Kerkstra to bring together their combined years of troubleshooting experience to provide a unique service to the plastics industry.